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Vig Collection

Individual sub-collections within the Vig Collection
Family Sheets - Danes
Einar Vig used an internal indexing system in this part of the collection. Each head of family was assigned a number, which appears at the top of that person's first page. This number is used as a reference in the pages of other persons. For this reason, the files here are titled using both the individual's name and the number assigned by EV. Example: "Aabel, Paul - 1"
Washington County Family Sheets
Washington County families by head-of-household
Pioneer Families (Vig Collection)
Entries are listed in alphabetical order by name of the head-of-household. Only that name is searchable at this time, but the images generally include names of parents, spouse(s) and children. Other relatives may also be mentioned. Many images also include references to local (Washington County) newspaper articles dealing with the head-of-household or specific family members.
Death & Estate Notices
These pages are a chronological index to death and estate notices appearing in the Pilot-Tribune newspaper from 1876 through August of 1927. The newspaper is available on microfilm at the Blair Public Library.
These are noted as being taken from county (Washington) records, but other materials are present, including some early Dodge County marriages.
Cemeteries - Alphabetical
Entries are listed by cemetery, then in alphabetical order by surname.
Blair Cemetery: 1863-1971; Cuming City Cemetery
Burials are listed in approximate chronological order. Records added to a year generally occur on the last page of that year's records. The entries give name, date of birth, date of death, block number, lot number, grave name and, usually, an indicator of the specific cemetery (B = Blair; BHC = Blair Holy Cross [Roman Catholic]). The two cemeteries occupy adjoining ground. Records are also included from the Cuming City Cemetery on separate pages at the end of this collection.
Cemeteries: Other