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P C Jensen Files

P C Jensen maintained files of biographical and professional data on many United Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors. This content is organized alphabetically by surname of each pastor. Entries may have one or more sub-folders containing additional information which is not part of the P C Jensen collection (including those noted as 'not PCJ' and the top directory level).
 Title   Type 
-Japan Mission Folder
-Dansk Almanak 1946 Folder
Aaberg, Niels Christensen Folder
Andersen, Alfred Victor Folder
Andersen, Andrew Peter Folder
Andersen, Anton Marius Folder
Andersen, Arnold Herman Folder
Andersen, Axel Marius Folder
Andersen, Edvard Rudolph Folder
Andersen, Edvard Rudolph Frey Folder
Andersen, Elmer Wadel Folder
Andersen, Frits Folder
Andersen, Hans Peter Folder
Andersen, Harold L F Folder
Andersen, Henry Leonhard Folder
Andersen, Ingvard Marius Folder
Andersen, Johannes Evald Folder
Andersen, Leo H Folder
Andersen, Leo Madsen Folder
Andersen, Leroy (not PCJ) Folder
Andersen, Rasmus (not PCJ) Folder
Andersen, Richard (not PCJ) Folder
Andersen, Verson L Folder
Andersen, Virgil R Folder
Andersen, Wesley Melvin Folder
Andreasen, Matthias N (not PCJ) Folder
Anker, Kristian Folder
Aronsen, Viggo Oscar Folder
Bach, Ditlev Gotthard Monrad Folder
Bay, J Christian (not PCJ) Folder
Beck, John (not PCJ) Folder
Beck, Theodore Petersen Folder
Beck, Vilhelm Folder
Becker, Harold G (not PCJ) Folder
Bennesen, Rudolph (not PCJ) Folder
Bentsen, Niels Folder
Berggreen, Johannes C A Folder
Berquist, O W Folder
Bertelsen, Christian Emil Folder
Bertelsen, Hans Peter (Rev) Folder
Berthelsen, Hans Peter Folder
Berthelsen, Holger Folder
Berthelsen, Robert Olaf Folder
Bing, Niels Julius Folder
Blicher, Peter P (Christensen) Folder
Block, M O (not PCJ) Folder
Bollesen, Martinus Pedersen Folder
Bollesen, Melius Eugene Folder
Bondo, Ervin Franklin Folder
Bondo, Henry Wilhelm Folder
Bondo, Sherman Folder
Bondo, Viggo Willie Folder
Carlsen, Hans C (not PCJ) Folder
Carlsen, Hans O Folder
Carlsen, Jens Christian Folder
Carlsen, Niels C Jr (not PCJ) Folder
Carlsen, Niels Christian Folder
Carlsen, Stanley (not PCJ) Folder
Carlsen, Verner Neve Folder
Ching, Alvin Woodard Folder
Christensen, Ansgar (not PCJ) Folder
Christensen, Christen Folder
Christensen, Elmer Conrad Folder
Christensen, Eric (not PCJ) Folder
Christensen, Howard (not PCJ) Folder
Christensen, James Peter Folder
Christensen, Jens Christian Folder
Christensen, John Folder
Christensen, Mads (not PCJ) Folder
Christensen, Mathias Gammelgaard Folder
Christiansen, Aaron Erik Folder
Christiansen, Axel (not PCJ) Folder
Christiansen, Gotlieb Bender Folder
Christiansen, Jens Peter Folder
Christiansen, Lars Frederik Axel Folder
Clausen, C L (not PCJ) Folder
Clemmensen, Niels Peter Folder
Dahlstrom, Harald Julius Folder
Dalbo, Jens Jensen Folder
Dale, Francis (not PCJ) Folder
Damkar, Bent (not PCJ) Folder
Damskov, Niels Folder
Danielsen, Jens (not PCJ) Folder
Demant, George Richard Folder
Dohmeier, Erwin (not PCJ) Folder
Dorn, Arden (not PCJ) Folder
Dynesen, L C Folder
Elling, Jerrold Allen Folder
Engholm, Martinus Christian Jensen Folder
Engskov, Bernhard J Folder
Erdahl, Lowell O (not PCJ) Folder
Eriksen, Soren C (not PCJ) Folder
Erlander, Eddie Lestlen Folder
Eskildsen, Edward Carl Folder
Falck, Carl Christian L (not PCJ) Folder
Flint, Lars Peter Jensen Folder
Freund, Norman (and William Larsen) (not PCJ) Folder
Frimodt-Moller, H O (not PCJ) Folder
Gebuhr, John S (not PCJ) Folder
Girtz, Joseph Michael Folder