Submit File(s) for Archiving

Here you can submit digitized/electronic files for inclusion in the DAAL's Archive or obtain information about making donations of physical materials.

The DAAL seeks materials that document the experiences of all Danish immigrants to America and their descendants. These include written materials of every sort, such as books, letters diaries, journals, family histories and obituaries, as well as audio-visual materials such as phonograph records and audiotapes. Digitized materials are also welcome. We seek materials that relate to any and all aspects of the Danish American experience from the earliest years of Danish immigration to twenty-first century developments. Donations can be large or small, and we will restrict access to donated materials if that is the donor’s preference. The DAAL does not purchase archival materials.

If you are not intending to submit any materials at this time but want information about what materials are appropriate for sending to the Archive or how to go about doing it, please check this box and use the Comments field to ask your questions or indicate what information you need.
Nearly all materials donated to the Archive are filed by the name(s) of the person(s) or organization that owned or provided those items. For example, if you are donating materials from someone's estate, please provide the name(s) on the estate or name of the organization, such as 'George and Martha Washington'.
Please provide a general description of the materials you are donating, indicating who is currently in possession of them, who is the owner/originator of them, the form of the materials (PDF, word-processing document, image/photo, etc.), any restrictions that should be made for the use of the materials, etc. An entry in this field is REQUIRED. If multiple items are being donated, please provide a list of them.

The material to be submitted can consist of word processing documents, spreadsheets, sound or video files. Or it may be in a scan or picture of a document, a PDF file or a compressed (ZIP) file containing several documents.

  • A single file can be uploaded using that option below. Consequently, if you want to send several files at once, you will need to compress (ZIP) them into a single file.
If the item to be translated is a file (image/picture, text or Word document, or zipped/compressed group of files), please upload here. (Maximum file size is 10 MB. Uploads may take several minutes. Please do not click the submit button more than once.)
Deed of Gift
For all materials submitted through this form, please complete the following Deed of Gift. Your name entered below will constitute your electronic signature. When all appropriate information has been entered, click on 'Submit' below to send the form to our office.
Required if making a donation through this form.
Donation Certification
I certify that Iam the owner or agent of the owner of the items listed below and I hereby unconditionally relinquish ownership to donate, bestow and set over all rights, titles and copyrights held by me, my assigns and my heirs of said items to the Danish American Archive and Library except as may be restricted in the description I provided above. The listed items may be retained, exhibited, loaned, made available for public research and publication, or disposed of at the discretion of the Danish American Archive and Library, except as provided in any restrictions I have noted above.

Once your submission form has been received and reviewed, a member of the DAAL's staff will be in touch to acknowledge receipt, discuss any questions you have or to work out any related issues. Thank you for your interest in the Danish American Archive and Library and our mission to preserve and make available information about Danish immiogrants and their descendants in America.