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P C Jensen Files

P C Jensen maintained files of biographical and professional data on many United Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors. This content is organized alphabetically by surname of each pastor. Entries may have one or more sub-folders containing additional information which is not part of the P C Jensen collection (including those noted as 'not PCJ' and the top directory level).
 Title   Type 
Johnson, Oscar Emmanuel Folder
Johnson, Paul C Folder
Johnson, S (not PCJ) Folder
Jordan, Bertrand (not PCJ) Folder
Jorgensen, Harold Christian Folder
Jorgensen, Marius Folder
Jorgensen, Philip (not PCJ) Folder
Jorgensen, Roy (not PCJ) Folder
Jorgensen, Sidney Edward Folder
Jorgensen, Valdemar (not PCJ) Folder
Justesen, Christian Folder
Jørgensen, Anders (not PCJ) Folder
Jørgensen, Søren Hillerup Folder
Kaldahl, Søren Sørensen Folder
Keller, Paul Folder
Kent, Harald J Folder
King, William David (not PCJ) Folder
Kirkegaard, Anders Nielsen Folder
Kirkegaard, Anton (not PCJ) Folder
Kirkegaard, Christian Scriver (not PCJ) Folder
Kirkegaard, Leif Ancker Folder
Kirkegaard, Martin Luther Folder
Kirkegaard, Walter (not PCJ) Folder
Kjär, Lars Henrik Folder
Kjøller, Lars Peter Folder
Kjøller, Laurits Herman Folder
Kloth, Adolph Brorson Laurence Folder
Kloth, Carsten Christian Folder
Kloth, Christian Scriver Folder
Kloth, Paul Folder
Knudsen, Jens Folder
Kohler, Lyle (not PCJ) Folder
Krogh, Christoffer Hansen Mortensen Folder
Lang, Niels Folder
Lang, Niels Peter N Folder
Larsen, Christian Bernhard Folder
Larsen, Clifford Lawrence Folder
Larsen, Ernest A Folder
Larsen, Harold Eli Folder
Larsen, Homer Alfred Folder
Larsen, Johannes (not PCJ) Folder
Larsen, Julius Albert Folder
Larsen, Knud Folder
Larsen, Lewis Christian Folder
Larsen, Ole Immanuel Folder
Larsen, Silas Folder
Larsen, Stanley Folder
Larsen, William (see also Freund, Norman) Folder
Laursen, Harold (not PCJ) Folder
Laursen, L A Folder
Lawson, William O (not PCJ) Folder
LeVine, Eugene Warren Folder
Ligaard, Johan Peter Christensen Folder
Loft, Stinus Sorensen Folder
Lorensen, Lloyd W (not PCJ) Folder
Ludvigsen, Kristian (not PCJ) Folder
Lund, August Wilhelm Folder
Lund, Clarence I Folder
Lund, Frantz-Oluf Folder
Lund, James Nicholas (not PCJ) Folder
Lund, John T H (not PCJ) Folder
Madsen, Archie LeRoy Folder
Madsen, Charlie Clifford Folder
Madsen, Harold Seymour Folder
Madsen, Jens (not PCJ) Folder
Madsen, Søren Hamborg (not PCJ) Folder
Magnussen, Johannes Peter Marius Folder
Magnussen, Julius Georg Vilhelm Folder
Magnussen, Olfert Victor Folder
Markussen, Johannes (nor PCJ) Folder
Mathiasen, Laurits (not PCJ) Folder
Mathiasen, Peter (not PCJ) Folder
Matthiesen, Karl Max Folder
Matthiesen, Mathias (Max) Folder
Mehr, Johannes Georg Ludvig Folder
Mengers, Ethan Theodore Christiansen Folder
Mengers, Niels Carl Christiansen Folder
Moody, E R Folder
Morck, Archie Nikolaj Folder
Morck, Arnfeld Christian Folder
Morton, Richard E Folder
Mumm, Roy Forrest Folder
Møller, J Ravnkilde Folder
Naarup, Johannes Petersen Folder
Nelson, Carl August Folder
Neve, Anders Valdemar Folder
Neve, Aster Eberhart Folder
Neve, Lloyd Rudolph Folder
Neve, Ried Viggo Folder
Nielsen, Andreas Folder
Nielsen, Carl E Folder
Nielsen, Edward Møller Folder
Nielsen, Ejvind Harold Folder
Nielsen, Erhardt Andrew Folder
Nielsen, Frank Folder
Nielsen, Hans Folder
Nielsen, Hans Curtis Folder
Nielsen, John Wolter Folder
Nielsen, Jorgen P Folder
Nielsen, Luther Mortimer Folder