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P C Jensen Files

P C Jensen maintained files of biographical and professional data on many United Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors. This content is organized alphabetically by surname of each pastor. Entries may have one or more sub-folders containing additional information which is not part of the P C Jensen collection (including those noted as 'not PCJ' and the top directory level).
 Title   Type 
Nielsen, Niels Laurids Folder
Nielsen, Niels Peter Folder
Nielsen, Niels Peter Jensen Folder
Nielsen, Otto Folder
Nielsen, P Folder
Nielsen, W Christian Folder
Nommesen, Emil E Folder
Nygaard, Gerhard Jorgen Folder
Nygaard, Kaj Kristian Henningsen Folder
Nyholm, Paul Christian Edvard Folder
Nyrop, Niels Hansen Folder
Olsen, Carl Mettus Folder
Olsen, Einer William Folder
Olsen, Ingward Peter Folder
Olsen, James Wilfred Folder
Pallesen, Anton George Folder
Paulsen, Clarence Alfred Folder
Paulsen, Clifford Richard Folder
Paulsen, Lyle Wayne Folder
Paulsen, Paul Christian Folder
Paulsen, Raymond Martin Folder
Pedersen, Emil Alfred Folder
Pedersen, Gudmund C (not PCJ) Folder
Pedersen, H J (not PCJ) Folder
Pedersen, Jens Christian Folder
Pedersen, Lars Gudmund Christian Folder
Pedersen, Laurits Folder
Pedersen, Laurits Hans Peter Folder
Petersen, Adolf Samuel Folder
Petersen, Alfred Rawholdt Folder
Petersen, Alvin M Folder
Petersen, Edwin August William (not PCJ) Folder
Petersen, Emery Le Roy Folder
Petersen, Hans Irving Folder
Petersen, Hans Milton Folder
Petersen, Immanuel Folder
Petersen, James C (not PCJ) Folder
Petersen, Jens Folder
Petersen, Johan Høeg Folder
Petersen, Kenneth Hampton Folder
Petersen, Melvin (not PCJ) Folder
Petersen, Niels Christian Folder
Petersen, Peter Martin Folder
Petersen, Sigurd D Folder
Petersen, Spaner Samuel Folder
Petersen, Viggo Johannes Folder
Peterson, James C Folder
Peterson, Melvin Folder
Petrusson, Edwin August William Folder
Planz, John F (not PCJ) Folder
Pribbenow, Jerome C (not PCJ) Folder
Prøvensen, Elias Folder
Rahbeck, Niels Marius Nielsen Folder
Rasmussen, Albert Edward Jr Folder
Rasmussen, Anders Folder
Rasmussen, Franklin Grant Folder
Rasmussen, Joseph Folder
Rasmussen, Paul George Panduro Folder
Rasmussen, Peter Folder
Refsell, Lloyd G Folder
Robertson, George Johannes Folder
Romer, Einer Folder
Romer, John Christen Folder
Rosenberg, Jens, Louis Emil Sørensen Folder
Schattauer, Carl Frederik Jr Folder
Schultz, Anton Theodor Folder
Schultz, John Anker Folder
Siersbeck, Lawrence (Laurits) Folder
Simonsen, Johannes Folder
Simonsen, N P Folder
Skanderup, Anton Nielsen Folder
Sorensen, Arthur W Folder
Sorensen, Christian Folder
Spear, Christian Ludwig Folder
Staby, Andrew Paulsen Folder
Staby, Victor Emanuel Rasmussen Folder
Stallknecht, Hans Folder
Steensen, Anders Folder
Svendsen, Edwin Alexander Folder
Svendsen, H A Folder
Søholm, Anders Lausen Jensen Folder
Sørensen, Niels P Folder
Tange, Irving Nielsen Folder
Tange, Reynold Hansen Folder
Thisted, Peter Petersen Folder
Thogersen, Dolliver D Folder
Thompson, Alfred Folder
Thomsen, Frederick William Folder
Thomsen, Mark Folder
Thorslev, Peter Larsen Folder
Toepel, Douglas Julius Folder
Tychsen, Thomas Bernhardt Folder
Vammen, Christian Adolph Folder
Vammen, Jens Hoppe Folder
Vammen, Peter Jens Folder
Videbeck, Christian Magnus Folder
Vig, Peter Sorensen Folder
Weisman, Anders Christian Folder
Wekander, Eugene Gerald Folder
Wildrick, Carl Folder